Extendly reduces call centre volume by 30% by automating with Botpress

Extendly reduces call centre volume by 30% by automating with Botpress
Key Results
Chat volume reduction
From an initial capture rate of 5%, up to 30% and growing.
Improved AI performance
Extendly improved the performance of their AI-powered conversations by up to 500%.
Customer impact
Every conversation that flows through Extendly begins with a Botpress conversation.
Unique market insights for SMBs
Measure key events, customer demographics, and create custom data dashboards.
Exceptional community and support
With over 400,000 users, 1,000,000 chatbots, and over a billion messages processed, Botpress customers benefit from a wealth of expertise.

How can we divert chats away from live agents?

Too often, small-to-medium businesses are caught in endless CRM system management.

Extendly provides 24/7 tech support, custom setups, explainer videos, and high-converting sales funnels  for SaaS companies using HighLevel, a leading CRM platform.

But providing 24/7 support can be costly. Extendly services over 10% of HighLevel’s SMB market. They needed a way to minimize live agents while maintaining high quality customer assistance.

Extendly used Botpress to automate their sought-after 24/7 tech support. Now, every support request starts with a chatbot that can resolve conversations on its own.

They saw a 30% decrease in overall chat volume after implementing Botpress. They were able to alleviate support staff workload and enhance their overall customer experience.

With Botpress, Extendly is able to deploy resources more strategically, improving their quality of service and fostering deeper customer relationships.

Robust chatbots, exceptional service

For business

Extendly uses Botpress to address critical inefficiencies in customer support operations, resulting in reduced support response times and a decreased reliance on human agents for routine inquiries.

Operational Efficiency

  • Automate routine inquiries to free up human agents for complex support issues.
  • Reduce the chat volume handled by human agents by 30% and increase resolution of first contact.


  • Ensure the solution can scale to support over 1,000 agencies and their end-users (ranging from 200,000 to 400,000 chat users).
  • Scale up to handle increased chat volumes without degradation of service quality.

Cost Reduction

  • Decrease the need for additional support staff through effective automation.
  • Track cost per chat session and aim for a 20% reduction in overall support costs.

For development

Extendly looked for seamless integration with existing systems, customized AI development, and a user-friendly interface.

System Integration

  • Integrate seamlessly with HighLevel CRM and existing systems without disrupting operations.
  • Implement APIs and middleware for smooth data transfer between systems.

AI Configuration & Customization

  • Develop custom AI chatbots tailored to the specific needs of Extendly’s customer base.
  • Provide tools for ongoing training and updating of AI models to adapt to changing customer querie.

User Interface and Experience

  • Design an intuitive chat interface that aligns with Extendly’s branding and user expectations.
  • Include features like chat history, ticket creation, and escalation options directly from the chat.

Security and Compliance

  • Ensure interactions and data storage comply with data protection regulations like SOCII and GDPR.

More about the solution

Modern customer support logistics need custom AI solutions.

The deployment of Botpress has significantly improved Extendly's operational efficiency, successfully reducing the chat volume handled by human agents by 30%. This reduction allows technical staff to engage more deeply with customers, enhancing the quality of support. Botpress has been rolled out to 100 agencies so far, with plans to expand to over 1,000 agencies and potentially up to 400,000 end chat users in the near future.

Key features used

Extendly saw a 500% increase in their ability to divert chats from agents

After ditching their in-house AI system, which was both resource- and labour-intensive, Extendly swapped their chatbot to Botpress and saw a jump from 5% of conversations diverted away from human agents to 30% (and growing).

Botpress operates at the key vectors between efficiency and power. Extendly was able to leverage the latest in LLM technology while improving operational efficiency.

Extendly customized their customer service bot with flexible options like:

  • Custom knowledge bases
  • Automated Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
  • Streamlined chat interface

Legacy systems are difficult to integrate to new platforms or LLM models. It typically requires a full development team, increasing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) without providing additional value. But on Botpress, Extendly was able to easily update and integrate their chatbot with minimal cost.

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