Everything you need to build amazing AI agents.
Made for devs.

Managed infrastructure, robust frameworks, and best practices for building scalable and reliable AI agents.

Completely Managed Infrastructure

Publish to popular channels simultaneously or deploy your own serverless channel connector in minutes on our infrastructure.

Built in RAG and Vector Databases

Automatically vectorize your knowledge and generate contextually aware responses.


Oversee and monitor conversations at scale. Identify issues in real-time and observe success metrics.

UI Designer for Cross-functional Collaboration

Enable business stakeholders to make changes to bots and build basic workflows in a low-code, visual workflow editor.

Database & Storage

Every bot has access to auto-scaling tables and an API to upload images, voice clips, and files.

Continuous Agent Training

Label previous conversations to teach your bot how it should respond to future queries.

Robust API & SDK

All the endpoints and tools you need to build & manage agents.

Collaborate with your business operators

Empower your non-technical team to continue building and maintaining bots in a low-code, feature-rich editor.

Security for enterprises


Our platform adheres to SOC II standards, ensuring the highest level of security for your data through rigorous monitoring and regular audits.

GDPR Compliant

We prioritize data privacy with full GDPR compliance, empowering you with control over personal information.

Single Sign-On

Roll out Botpress across your organization while complying with your IT team’s security policies with custom SSO.