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Past, Present and Future

About Us

What started as a project to build the tools we needed has grown into something larger than ourselves. Initially, we wanted a better way to build chatbots, something fast and productive. We quickly found out that we weren't alone looking for this. We quickly grew in popularity among developers because we make their lives easier.

Today, this has evolved into a platform with a comprehensive set of features used for hundreds of different use cases. We are paving the road in Conversational AI with new ways of delivering micro-services. Our product vision and our expertise in the field has led to 100s of successful deployments for our clients serving millions of users all over the world.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

We believe there is a lot more to be done to create a world where software understand humans and we keep pushing to stay at the forefront. We are building a world where interacting with software is like talking to a friend or a colleague.