This is an integration for chatting with your bot via API calls and webhooks.

The Chat API is an HTTP-based API that allows you to interact with a Botpress bot through a backend or a front-end client. It takes a webhook url for you to send bot messages to when using it from the back-end.

You can also use foreign keys to connect to it in no time.

If you are familiar with Javascript, we recommend you use the javascript library for consuming the API.


To use this API, you must install the Chat Integration.

You can find it ➡️ here. ⬅️

Then, make sure to go to your bot configuration page, and enable the integration, by toggling it, and hitting "save".

If you are not using the javascript library, we recommend you configure a webhook url to catch all bot messages.

Note about errors

The response may return a 200, even if there was an issue. In which case, the response body will include a "code" parameter, and a "message" with more information about the issue.