Botpress Enterprise

Enterprise-Grade Chatbots Built on Open-Source Software
Conversations are complex. Building a chatbot doesn’t have to be. Botpress’s open-source platform gives developers the power to build scalable, secure chatbots for the enterprise.

Botpress Enterprise

Power Better Conversations with Scalable, Secure Chatbots

Botpress makes it easy for developers to create chatbots tailored for your business and deployed in compliance with your security and data policies.
Extended deployment options (including on-prem and cloud)
Advanced technical support with enterprise-grade SLAs
Real-time collaborative workspaces
Enterprise-level security (Role-based Access Control, Single sign on)
Extensive availability, scalability and performance
Botpress AI chatbot solution for enterprises

Key Benefits

Build and deploy securely

Build in your ideal environment whether that’s on-prem, in a virtual private cloud, or managed cloud. Botpress gives you granular control with role-based access control and SSO integration complete with encryption, audit logs, and more

Managed NLU engine

The quality of any enterprise chatbot depends on the quality of the NLU engine powering it. We manage and update our own managed NLU engine, turning natural language into consumable data without the need for a team of machine learning or data science experts.

Accelerate development

Using the Botpress enterprise chatbot platform, you can train your chatbot with 20x less training data than competitors require. Less training means your chatbot deploys quicker into the hands of your users.

Facilitate collaboration

Botpress allows real-time collaboration and content-building among various stakeholders. Build successful chatbots by designing conversation flows, customizing your messages, and sharing knowledge among business and technical teams.

Scale with your business

Botpress enterprise chatbot solution ensures high availability, and pre-built channel integrations with Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, WeChat, SMS, Alexa, and more. And, with 24/7 technical support available, we’re here whenever you need us.

Botpress Enterprise

Key Capabilities

With Botpress, you can start building enterprise-grade chatbots in a matter of minutes and deploy them quickly & securely, with an eye to scaling.
Powerful language understanding APIs and robust natural language processing
One-click implementation for 12 languages and support for 157 more via a FastText model
Developer-friendly IDE with visual conversation studio for chatbot development
Conversation debugging and detailed analytics to iterate and improve
HITL (Human-in-the-Loop) module to transfer conversations to an agent
Multi-channel availability supporting major messaging channels
Extensible, customizable and easy to integrate with external systems

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