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Botpress Studio allows collaboration
Botpress Studio allows collaboration
Exchange of Message in the middle of the night
Offer 24/7 Customer Support

When it comes to their money, most people don't see the time of day. Questions can come up at anytime and having the ability to provide them answers when they need is a great advantage.

Self-service workflow
Customer Take Advantage of Simple Self-Service

Using WhatsApp, your customers can make payment, bank transfers and more simply by messaging your chatbot. Just like they would with a teller, but from anywhere and anytime.

Chatbot sending financial advice
Contextual Financial Advice

Some people forget to pay their bills, they forget their savings objectives. You can be proactive without having to think about it. Your chatbot will message them with the information.

How VR Bank Leverage Botpress to Create a Great User Experience?

Key Takeaways

  • VR Bank has identified a process that they thought was a great candidate for optimization because it is time-consuming, cost-intensive, and inefficient.
  • The digital assistant powered by Botpress Conversational AI Platform allows VR Bank to save up to 450 000 EUR every year.
  • They chose Botpress because it allowed them to deploy the solution on their own servers (on-premise deployment) as well as the great support provided by Botpress.
Financial Chatbot of VR Bank
Financial Chatbot of VR Bank
Conversation with the Financial Chatbot of VR Bank
Conversation with the Financial Chatbot of VR Bank

About VR Bank

VR Bank Südpfalz is a cooperative bank based out of Landau in Palatinate, Germany. The roots of this credit union go back to 1865, but after many mergers in 1995, began operating under the name we know today. They now have 450 employees and serve more than 100 000 clients across 38 locations.

Before Botpress Conversational AI Platform

There are many industries that face the constant pressure of technological and industrial change, but none quite like financial services. The influences of regulation and rising customer expectations are what have made VR Bank so adaptable to the technologies and ways of tomorrow.

While many organizations follow the moves and trends to play it safe, VR banks is one of those companies that taking the lead to adapt.

In scrutinizing their own processes, VR Bank found that fielding customer requests for loans to purchase or build on a piece of real estate was demanding, both in time and information. This process also has been hit with many regulatory requirements that require intense attention to detail.

VR Bank Südpfalz receives more than 3000 requests for a real estate loan each year. The processing costs of such a request are more than 240 €. With AVA, VR Bank is able to save 150 € per process and thus can save up to 450 000 € in costs each year.

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