Reduce the Number of Support Requests

Conversational AI can help you intercept and solve the inquiries before they reach an agent. Reducing the number of requests will allow your team to focus on more complex situations.

Create an Extraordinary Customer Experience

A customer service chatbot is always available, no matter how many inquiries it receives or the time of the day. You can really improve the experience of your customers with speed.

Enable Customers with Self-Service

Canceling an order is a common request for customer support, but this can all be automated with a simple AI chatbot.

Key Takeaways

Differentiate from your competition
with a powerful Digital Assistant.

With the help of Botpress, Windstream successfully reinforced the organization’s competitive advantage through differentiation by expanding the chatbot initiative for customer service.

Botpress was not only able to broaden Windstream’s customer success capabilities, but it also seamlessly integrated with Windstream’s existing systems and processes.

About Windstream

Founded in 2006, Windstream is a telecommunications provider serving households and businesses across the United States. It is headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, and counts more than 11,000 employees.

They offer various products and services such as internet connections, phones, tv, cloud computing, managed services, and more. They serve millions of customers, and they are the largest SD-WAN provider in the US with more than 1,800 customers.

Windstream implemented Botpress to create a better quality chatbot than the previous solution they used and utilized Botpress as a key component to enhancing Windstream’s operations.

Building High-Quality Digital Assistants with Botpress

Botpress’s customer service chatbot platform was easy to navigate, and provided an intuitive experience, as Windstream’s team was guided through the process of building a natural language dataset.

Of Windstream’s favourite features were the hooks and the emulator/debugger. Hooks are incredibly versatile and give a wide range of implementation options since they are left open. The Emulator/Debugger proved to be excellent for troubleshooting AI chatbots and fixing issues quickly.

Botpress’s versatile features and an intuitive interface allowed Windstream to create a better quality chatbot than their previous customer support chatbot solution.

Botpress Platform

Build Conversational AI Blazingly Fast

Botpress' conversation studio allows you to design conversation experiences. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy and fast to create a chatbot and automate tasks.

Botpress Analytics Screen

Our analytics module is a key component of improving your conversational experiences. It provides actionable insights of what the user is looking to accomplish or the kind of information she is looking for.

Available on multiple channels that are built-in the platform. Whether you need only one or all of them, the easy setup of the channels will allow you get up and running faster.

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