Reduce the Number of Support Requests

Conversational AI can help you intercept and solve inquiries before they reach your team. Reducing the number of requests will allow your team to focus on more complex situations.

Create an Extraordinary Experience for your Employees

A chatbot is always available, no matter how many inquiries it receives or the time of the day. You can really improve the experience of your employees with speed & accuracy.

Empower Employees with Self-Service

80% of IT Support Questions can be automated with a simple AI Chatbot

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Botpress Platform

Build Conversational AI Blazingly Fast

Botpress' conversation studio allows you to design conversation experiences. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy and fast to create a chatbot and automate tasks.

Botpress Analytics Screen

Our analytics module is a key component of improving your conversational experiences. It provides actionable insights of what the user is looking to accomplish or the kind of information she is looking for.

Available on multiple channels that are built-in the platform. Whether you need only one or all of them, the easy setup of the channels will allow you get up and running faster.

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