Chatbot for ITSM Departments

IT support teams are working in a more complex technological landscape with limited resources.
Botpress can help reduce the response time and the number of tickets.

Botpress Studio is a productive tool
Trigger blocks with support ticket intent
Reduce the Number of Support Requests

Conversational AI can help you intercept and solve the inquiries before it reaches an agent. Reducing the number of requests will allow your team to focus on more complex situations.

Exchange of Message in the middle of the night
Create an Extraordinary Customer Experience

A chatbot is always available, no matter how many inquiries it receives or the time of the day. You can really improve the experience of your customers with speed.

Self-service workflow
Enable Customers with Self-Service

Canceling an order is a common request for customer support, but this can all be automated with a simple AI chatbot.

How To Deploy an ITSM chatbot
the Adobe Way?

The Challenge

Adobe had a massive challenge in front of them when the COVID-19 shut everything down. 22 000 people now needed to work remotely. Needless to say that it completely changed the way business was done. One particular function had to transform fast, the IT Support team. Supporting the workforce in 50+ locations if one thing, supporting the workforce when everyone is at home is different and most of all challenging. The support infrastructure had to be rethought.

Generic Building Image for Use Cases
Use Cases for Chatbot in ITSM

The Result

In a little over four months, the automated system powered by AI responded to 3000 queries. This helped reduced the number of calls received by 35% while drastically improving the resolution rate and time to resolution.

"Although there’s no easy way to navigate the pandemic and digital transformation, the strategic use of AI automation and chatbots can deliver value to everyone in the employee ecosystem. It’s a technology that’s ready for day-to-day prime time."
Cynthia Stoddard, Senior Vice President and CIO at Adobe

How They Did It

The first major step taken by Adobe was to open a slack channel for IT support, a real-time bidirectional channel of communication. This helped centralize the request and identify the specific issues and questions that were more recurrent.

This became the foundation of their #wfh-support Slack channel which is connected with natural language processing. This would allow the chatbot to understand the users' requests and direct them to an existing article found in the knowledge base.

It can go as far as walking them through the different steps they needed to take to solve a problem or accomplish a task such as setting up a virtual private network.

They started with only eight topics to begin with and then expanded the capabilities based on their learning and what would be most beneficial.

Chatbot Workflow of Reseting a password

Our Features

It Allows to Build Conversational AI Faster than Any Other Platform

Botpress' conversation studio allows you to design conversation experiences. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy and fast to create a chatbot and automate tasks.

Our analytics module is a key component of improving your conversational experiences. It provides actionable insights of what the user is looking to accomplish or the kind of information she is looking for.

Available on multiple channels that are built-in the platform. Whether you need only one or all of them, the easy setup of the channels will allow you get up and running faster.

Privacy-Conscious Organizations Trust Botpress

A platform that gives you the flexibility to deploy in compliance with your data privacy policies.