Windstream improved customer service by switching chatbot platforms

Windstream improved customer service by switching chatbot platforms
Key Results
Enhanced Customer Service
Windstream's chatbot autonomously resolves issues and enhances service.
Seamless System Integration
Botpress maintains operational continuity by integrating with existing systems
Scaled Response Capacity
Efficiently handles increases in customer request volume.
Customization and Flexibility
Enables tailored, real-time troubleshooting to ensure successful resolution.
Competitive Differentiation
Upgraded chatbot distinguishes Windstream in a competitive market.

Reinforcing competitive advantage by expanding customer service

Windstream implemented Botpress to create a better quality chatbot than the previous solution they used. Botpress was not only able to broaden Windstream’s customer success capabilities, but it also seamlessly integrated with Windstream’s existing systems and processes.

Using Botpress, Windstream was empowered to build a full-service chatbot that could not only answer questions but also resolve issues at a record pace. For example, customers could change their appointment dates or troubleshoot problems with their broadband service. The ability to quickly integrate with existing systems and technologies was a key component to creating fluid, quality conversational experiences.

Handling customer requests at scale

Windstream faces a large volume of customer requests every day. They were looking into ways to continue differentiating themselves from the competition with better customer service.

Windstream’s customer service function is typical for a company dealing with a large volume of customer requests: it’s comprised of a team of live agents, a self-service portal, and a call center. Following a successful chatbot project with Motion.AI (now HubSpot), the IT team in charge of the project wanted to expand the chatbot’s capabilities.

To do so, they needed a platform that could be customized and integrated with their internal system – Botpress checked all of those boxes.With Botpress’ capabilities in mind, Windstream’s vision expanded to build a chatbot experience that differentiated itself from the crowd and reinforced Windstream’s competitive advantage.

Building high-quality digital assistants

Botpress’s versatile features and intuitive interface allowed the Windstream team to create a better quality chatbot than their previous chatbot solution.

Botpress’s platform was easy to navigate and provided an intuitive experience. Of Windstream’s favorite features were the hooks, the Emulator, and the Event Debugger. Hooks are incredibly versatile and give a wide range of implementation options since they are left open. The Emulator and Event Debugger proved to be excellent for troubleshooting AI chatbots and fixing issues quickly without having to leave the Studio.

As with Windstream, Botpress provides a flexible and robust natural language foundation for companies that want to utilize in-house talent to maximize conversational experiences.

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