Chatbot for Healthcare Organizations

Improve your patients experience with a conversational assistant capable of helping with appointment, screening, reminders, and more.

Botpress Studio allow collaboration
Trigger blocks with support ticket intent
Give your Team a Powerful Tool That Allows Them to Handle Surge in Inquiries

Chatbots will allow your team to manage the peaks in inquiries as well as deflecting simple questions. You can better use your team by making sure they focus on the more complex and pressing matter.

Exchange of Message in the middle of the night
Let Patient Schedule Appointments 24/7

You can allow patients to schedule their appointment using the messaging platform you want, at anytime and without friction.

Self-service workflow
Triage your Patient Using a Chatbot

A chatbot can reach out to a patient and ask them a series of question that will help health practioners do a more efficient triaging.

How the Ministry Of Health and Social Services of Quebec Leveraged Botpress During the COVID-19 Crisis?

The Challenge

When the COVID-19 situation first hit the province, the department of health and social services immediately anticipated the need for a technology to help the support agent who were receiving a large amount of inquiries. They viewed this as an opportunity to leverage a artificial intelligence to help. They needed a platform that could iterate quickly to make sure it provides the best up to date information to the population as well as improve over time.

Generic Building Image for Use Cases
Use Cases of Chatbot in Healthcare

The Result

In less than 14 days, they had a proof of concept showing what the potential solution would look like. Following a fast iteration pace, they improved to move from proof of concept to a production-ready solution in less than 30 days.

The solution was then deployed progressively on the website of the government. Starting with a page with less traffic and then as it improves based on the population interactions, they moved it up to one of the most visited pages on the website. You can find the Quebec Government chatbot here.

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