We’re super excited to announce the launch of our new learning platform — the Botpress Learning Center. Filled with a growing number of tutorials and videos, the Learning Center will help developers master building chatbots and conversational experiences using Botpress.

As a developer-first platform, our mission has always been to help developers excel at building great chatbots with ease. This ethos led to the launch of our open-source chatbot stack back in 2017 — a rich development environment that provides all the tools for creating amazing conversational experiences without a team of data scientists and ML experts.

As our product has grown, our documentation has expanded to support developers using Botpress. But we also realized we could do more to support developer learning. Knowing that every great developer loves to continuously learn, we decided to create a place where developers can come to learn about both Botpress and conversational AI in general.

That place is the Botpress Learning Center — a one-stop resource to level up your career by learning about Botpress and conversational AI.

Advancing Developer Success

Featuring guides, videos, and interactive elements, the Learning Center will help developers master Botpress and other fundamentals of chatbots and conversational AI. To start, it features key lessons for devs to get started with Botpress and with chatbots. As we expand the Learning Center, we’ll add more content to keep the learning going.

Key Courses to Check Out — Guides, Videos, and More!

The Botpress Starterbot Guide

Get started on your Botpress Learning Center journey with the Starterbot — a Botpress chatbot that teaches you how to build your own Botpress chatbot!

In this in-depth guide, developers will learn key Botpress fundamentals, such as:

  • Working with a question and answer subflow
  • How to use the API skill to perform different outputs
  • The various content types available using Botpress
  • The capabilities of the Botpress NLU
  • And more!

The Webchat Playground

The Webchat Playground gives developers the freedom to tinker and learn using a variety of chatbot development scenarios. With the Webchat Playground you can:

  • Import chatbots
  • Play with themes and templates
  • Send bot messages proactively
  • Change languages, and much more

Tutorial Playlists, Presentations, and Webinars

Tutorial Playlists

Who doesn’t love a great playlist? In the Tutorial Playlists, you’ll find a curated playlist of our top watched tutorials featuring tips on how to build a cool bot and how to integrate top messaging channels, like Telegram, Messenger, Twilio, and more with Botpress.

We’ll be adding to this playlist so be sure to continue to check it out.


You’ll also find many great Presentations & Webinars in the Learning Center. We suggest getting started by watching Sylvain Perron’s presentation at the 2022 European Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit where he highlighted the top tools and skills developers need to build great chatbots.

Conversational AI Guides

Also, be sure to check out the Learning Center’s Conversational AI guides section. This section features key learning tips on how to master conversational AI — including the essential form flows and NLP skills you’ll need for building a successful chatbot.

Designed to Evolve for Developers

In order to keep this a fresh, helpful (and fun) resource, we plan to update the Learning Center with new content regularly. And because the aim is to provide content that helps with your learning, we’d love to hear from you. Join us on our Github forum and let us know if there’s anything you want to be covered in the future.

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