The People of Botpress is a series where we highlight our people and the great work they do by talking about life at Botpress.

In this first edition of The People of Botpress, we highlight our Head of Customer Success, Nadine Ungerer!

Give us an introduction! Who are you? What do you do at Botpress? Favorite Code Editor? Windows, Linux or Mac? Dark theme or Light theme? Favorite hobby?

I’m Nadine Ungerer. I’m head of customer success here at Botpress. So it’s basically my job to take care of our customers, to make sure they are successful, and in turn Botpress as a company is successful.

I come from a long journey in finance, cosmetics, systems, and operations. Now, chatbots and conversational AI is quite an interesting change. It’s very challenging but very exciting. I’m not a developer. I know a little bit of code, so I could read it. My favorite code editor is Excel. I use it for customer segmentation and analysis.

Botpress converted me into a Mac user. I’m loving it!

Usually, I'm a light theme. I like everything bright and light to help me organize between different excel files and a thousand to-do lists. When I am not working, I try to spend time with my friends and family. Especially now with Covid, when you don’t get to see people that often, you really appreciate the closeness you have with your friends and your family. That’s me in a nutshell!

What does a regular day at Botpress look like for you?

Mostly, I spend my time working with clients. We do everything. From the start of the project, we help them actually build out chatbots, we analyze when they’ve got something in production, we discover what is working, what is not working, and we work on new use cases, expansions, and how they can be more successful. So, the entire spectrum of everything chatbots.

Apart from that, I work with my team to make sure that everything gets done on time and according to priorities. I also work with the management team to see how we can take Botpress to new heights.

What attracted you to the company?

I was given the opportunity to join Botpress back in the early stages. With a startup, you are stepping into something really challenging and really exciting. It’s technology and it’s AI. That industry is just exploding right now. And, chatbots are one of the best applications of AI. That’s why I accepted the opportunity and I’ve never looked back! I’m very grateful for it.

What’s your favorite thing about Botpress? What’s your favorite project that you’ve worked on at Botpress?

My favorite thing, I would definitely have to say are the people—the attitude, the culture, and the competency. I’ve never worked with such a team before. This is an inspiring group of people that just makes it all worth it.

My favorite project? I can think of a couple. It was just amazing to see that, last year when Covid hit, the world turned completely upside down and we used our technology to help companies, governments, and people to move forward and work through this crisis altogether. We were fortunate to work with some companies during this crisis and help them build out a digital customer experience. That just opened my eyes. Technology can help people. It’s really amazing to see the results. We saw hundreds of thousands of people using our chatbots.

According to you, what makes Botpress different as a company?

For me the thing that stands out is the fact that we have the winning formula to achieve greatness. Starting from the foundation which is the assets—the people. I think we’ve got that foundation in place. We’ve also got that vision—knowing what we’re working towards. We want to empower people and companies with conversational AI to elevate their customer and employee experiences. And not only do we believe it, other people believe in that vision as well. We have enterprises and small-medium companies who are building their chatbots on our platform.

Apart from having that vision, we have the desire to work towards it and reformulate clear plans on exactly how we can achieve our goals. We are implementing that day-by-day to work towards our goals. We have got the passion for technology and innovation to bring it all together. Then, all you need is a little bit of luck and you have a complete package.

How do you think Botpress and its technology will impact people's lives?

Today, chatbots have become part of our everyday lives. Everybody's got smartphones, everybody’s got assistance for banking and booking restaurants. It’s already intertwined in what we do. The way I see the future is knowing that part will just grow. It will grow exponentially and AI technology will be such a big part of our lives to get things done in the work as well as in our personal life.

The whole vision and idea for Botpress is to provide the tools so that we can build out these applications. The more this industry grows, the bigger Botpress will grow. We will provide the tools and the infrastructure to empower others to create innovative conversational AI applications. Ultimately, this will make all of our lives better.

Thank you so much for being our very first The People of Botpress employee highlight! We look forward to seeing where the future takes you and the customer success team at Botpress!

You can find Nadine Ungerer on Linkedin.

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