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Chatbots for Healthcare

By Botpress Team

To understand the value of using chatbots within healthcare it is necessary to consider the costs of providing the chatbot services, the economic value generated by these services and the risks these services might introduce to the process.  As mentioned in other blogs, it is important to also consider whether the chatbot is the best interface for the task at hand, as opposed to a graphical interface.

We first need to consider steps that users of healthcare service might undertake when they have an issue.

This is a brainstorm of the steps (and the steps will differ for different people and situations) however it is hopefully illustrative of the general approach.

  1. Identify a personal issue
  2. Search online to understand the seriousness
  3. Search for appropriate medical professionals
  4. Evaluate medical professionals
  5. Book with chosen medical professional
  6. Visit medical professional
  7. Check-in at reception
  8. Provide insurance details
  9. See the doctor
  10. Get assigned a medical test
  11. Get a prescription
  12. Pay for the visit
  13. Book the medical test
  14. [Carry out similar steps for medical test]
  15. [Carry out similar steps to follow up with the doctor]
  16. Go to pharmacy
  17. Present prescription
  18. Get medication
  19. Pay for medication

We now want to consider whether any of the above steps could be appropriately carried out with the help of a chatbot.  Again this is brainstorming so there will be many other relevant (and potentially better) ideas for each step.  The important point is to see how chatbots can provide value to the customer.

Of course, not all the above steps are realistic and some would introduce privacy concerns. It is, however, useful to consider which steps might have an outsized benefit on the customer experience and potentially generate more profit.

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