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27 Aug, 2020

Chatbot for Real Estate

There are many ways that chatbots can be used by real estate agents or the participants in the real estate market...

27 Aug, 2020

Chatbot for HR

Have you ever been stuck with an internal system? You knew what you needed to do, such as file an expense report...

20 Aug, 2020

Chatbot for Education

Young kids are digital natives. They use technology in a different way to those who were not raised before the iPad...

Everything you need to know about appointment booking chatbots

20 Aug, 2020

Chatbot for Bookings

There are many types of bookings, from booking an appointment at the hairdresser to booking a table at a restaurant...

How chatbots help airlines

20 Aug, 2020

Chatbot for Airlines

Chatbots have obvious applications for airlines and yet they have not been widely deployed by airlines. Airlines...

The use of chatbots in gaming platforms

11 Aug, 2020

Chatbots in the Gaming Industry

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a thing of the future – it’s here and it’s now. From the virtual assistants that...

Image of two person having a conversation

11 Aug, 2020

Chatbot for Retail

A chatbot for retail can be extremely useful but at the same time needs to be used with caution for actual shopping...