We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the all-new Botpress! (Available now)

Today is the day our team’s efforts come to fruition. We’ve been hard at work on a complete core redesign to provide our community with the first ChatGPT-native bot-building platform. This new release will revolutionize bot building in two ways:

  1. Release ChatGPT from its chat bubble to build turbocharged chatbots and personal copilots that automate complex multi-person workflows.
  2. End the era of bad button-based and intent-based bots that require a ridiculous amount of training data.

The new Botpress completely reimagines the entire bot-building process. Until now, we have suffered through a broken chatbot-building process that needed a warehouse of training data only to get subpar results. It usually took an army of developers and conversational designers to build bots. Now anyone can build powerful chatbots on their own.

The convergence of our platform and generative AI reduces the cost & time of bot building by orders of magnitude. It brings the number of viable chatbot use cases to infinity. Over are the days of bots being reserved to support and lead generation.

What’s new

  • Completely new product: from the studio to the emulator, the workflow editor, our web chat and the admin panel, they’re all now conveniently accessed through our new browser interface. 
  • GPT-powered understanding: you can now leverage the latest in LLM understanding, reducing by 100-fold the need for training data and examples.
  • GPT-powered AI Tasks: have ChatGPT connect to your favorite apps and perform automated tasks for yourself, your team and your customers.
  • GPT-powered persona: no more bland bots. Have your chatbot speak on brand with your desired personality everytime without having to worry about hiring an army of copywriters.
  • Codex-powered transitions & actions: Write your objective in plain english and we’ll translate it into executable code. Enable everyone to build bots as powerfully as developers can.
  • Botpress Go: a generative AI powered knowledge connector for your website and content. Feed it your URL and it will generate a fully functional FAQ chatbot in less than a minute. 
  • Multiple new channels & integrations: Zapier, Line, Gmail, Intercom, Viber, Direct Whatsapp, Instagram and many more.
  • Increased language support: from 10 to 100+ languages

If you missed the webinar going more in depth on these new features, you can find the recording below.

Since Botpress first launched in 2016, we’ve had 300,000+ users build over 1.5 million bots that powered over a billion conversations. Our open-source community has cemented us as a marquee tool for developers and builders trying to create complex chatbots. Many of you joined us in 2020 in our amazement when we all got to first interact with GPT. From that moment, the whole team at Botpress immediately got to work; anticipating LLMs’ trajectory, completely re-architecting our platform, and preparing for this day.

Last year, we released OpenBook, the first commercial NLU engine powered by LLMs. As the underlying LLMs continued to improve, we knew they were ready to undertake a larger part of the bot-building process. 

Our experience with OpenBook taught us how a platform needed to be built to leverage LLMs fully and also what LLMs need from a platform to create amazing chatbots. It’s with this in mind that we reimagined the new Botpress so you can:

  • Generate reliable answers you can trust that are consistent & dependable
  • Provide connections to your apps & content to get useful work done

With ChatGPT reaching 100M monthly users in two months, the timing is right. It is now possible to build human-level chatbots, assistants, or copilots. This marks the end of the “terrible chatbot” era.

Today we released the first version of the new Botpress. However, this is just the beginning – 100s of integrations and 5 major announcements will be coming soon. Stay tuned.

We look forward to seeing what you build!

Happy bot building,
The Botpress team

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