For now, you can only purchase a license from the Botpress software.  Please download Botpress and view purchase options from the admin dashboard.


Whether you are a developer, digital agency or a big enterprise, Botpress has a plan that fits your requirements.


50,000+ Developers
Botpress NLU ?
On-prem NLU engine that ships with world-class IC (Intent Classification) and LID (Language Identification).
Visual Flow Editor?
User-friendly drag-and-drop interface to design conversational flows.
Dialog Management?
Flexible DM (Dialog Manager) with state persistence, actions, timeouts, SDK and more.
Bot CMS?
Manage all outgoing content in one single place via the GUI or SDK.
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Unlimited Bots?
You can build as many bots as you want on the same server. No re-deployment needed.
Unlimited Admins?
Create and manage bot administrators, each with their own credentials.
White-Label Interface?
Change how Botpress looks, adapt it to your brand and colors!
Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) allows you to decide which admin can do what.
Achieve High-Availability by adding more nodes to your Botpress cluster.¹
Increased Performances?
Add more processing power by increasing the number of nodes in your cluster.¹
Standard Support?
Email and Community Forum. 72 hours response.²
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Drop us a line
Feature Sponsorship?
You want to get an elligible feature that is scheduled on our roadmap faster? Sponsor the feature at a fixed, predictable and honest cost.³
Gold Support?
Priority Email. Same-day response. 7-day bug fixes.²
Custom Contract?
We can sign your contract instead of you using our EULA.
Strategic Partnership?
Thinking of a great win/win partnership opportunity? We'd love to hear about it!
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We run performance benchmarks on a regular basis, contact us to speak about scalability concerns and advisory.


Business hours from 9AM to 4PM EST. Maximum of 8 incidents per month. Custom SLA available via Partners.


Feature must be elligible and pre-approved by us. Please contact us to discuss. Fixed daily rate.