Hey there chatbot makers!

If you're done with your chatbot building in Botpress and are planning to integrate your bot across social channels, then you're on the right page!

We listened to our community and created short-and-simple videos (literally ~4-minutes) on integrating Botpress v12 with social channels like Telegram, Messenger, Twilio, Smooch, Vonage, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

All of our messaging channel integration tutorials are linked together in this complete playlist.

Below, you will find our individual tutorials for the specific channel you wish to integrate your bot with.


Docs: https://v12.botpress.com/messaging-channels/direct-integrations/telegram

SMS Bot using Twilio SMS

Docs: https://v12.botpress.com/messaging-channels/broker-integrations/twilio

WhatsApp using Vonage

Docs: https://v12.botpress.com/messaging-channels/broker-integrations/vonage

WhatsApp using Smooch

Docs: https://v12.botpress.com/messaging-channels/broker-integrations/smooch-sunshine-conversations

Microsoft Teams

Docs: https://v12.botpress.com/messaging-channels/direct-integrations/microsoft-teams


Docs: https://v12.botpress.com/messaging-channels/direct-integrations/slack

Facebook Messenger

Docs: https://v12.botpress.com/messaging-channels/direct-integrations/facebook-messenger

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