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Why become a BotBassador?


Priority Access to Beta Features

Stay ahead of the curve. Get first-hand access to our latest features before they are released to the public.

Increased Usage Limits

As a BotBassador, enjoy twice the usage limits of regular users. That means 2x the number of bots, invocations, rows, storage, and AI Credits for free!

Be in the loop, always.

Connect directly with the team behind Botpress through an exclusive Discord channel for BotBassadors.

Leave your mark on the community and receive exclusive perks!

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Ambassador Ranks

Begin as a BotBassador and work your way up to BotChamp & BotPro. Embrace challenges and rewards at each level, shaping bot building with us every step of the way.


As a BotBassador, you're an active and essential part of the Botpress Discord community. Your role is to help others succeed with Botpress Cloud, offering guidance, collaboration, and support. It's more than a title; it's a commitment to innovation and growth.


BotBassador Discord role.

Exclusive sneak peeks, Botpress updates, tips & best practices, events and opportunities to elevate your status as an ambassador.

Increased usage limits – twice the amount granted to regular users.

Access to private Botpress Discord channel.

Free Botpress swag.


As a BotChamp, you've submitted a bot template to Botpress and helped users, meeting BotBassador requirements. Your role embodies creativity and commitment, driving both innovation and community growth.

BotBassador perks, plus:

BotChamp Discord role.
Get featured on our Ambassador page.
Get your bot template featured on Botpress.


A BotPro, fulfilling BotBassador and BotChamp standards, has contributed to a Botpress integration in the past year. This elite role embodies expertise, leadership, and a passion for innovation.

BotBassador perks, plus:

BotChamp Discord role.
Meet with the Botpress team on a quarterly basis to share feedback on features, see what is on the roadmap for Botpress, etc.
Invited to join as a guest on Botpress Office Hours.

Join us in innovating the future of bot building!

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Engage with leading experts and like-minded enthusiasts.

Shape the Future

Influence the development of innovative bot-building tools.

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Enjoy exclusive perks and recognition within the community.

Partnership opportunities


Freelances & Agency Partners

Earn revenue while also gaining unlimited access to our environment by introducing Botpress to your clients. This allows you to design, build, test, and optimize chatbots for your clients.

Consulting Partners

Enhance your consulting and implementation expertise to drive conversational transformation throughout the enterprise.

Technology Partners

Leverage Botpress APIs to build software integrations and applications that enhance processes and customer experiences for shared clients.

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Ambassador Spotlight

Meet the amazing Ambassadors helping 1000s of builders take their bots to the next level!

Adam Ludolph

Co-Founder | Lead Business Strategist


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Alcalvie Leong



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Alim Adams

Co-founder | CTO

United Kingdom

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Arthur Bouzas

Customer Experience


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Cameron Lile

Data Analyst | Unity Developer


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Frederik Daamen

Founder | CEO


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Hans-Christian Rørby

Business Student


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Hubertus VD Merwe

JavaScript Developer

South Africa

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Jeremy Hochstrasser

Founder & CEO


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Joseph Davenport

Technical Support Specialist


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Remus Andrei Pîslă

Marketing Specialist


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