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My Botpress experience is a rich well guided trip

The Botpress community is for sure very helpful and always here to answer your questions. If you want to learn Botpress you can very easily find a lot of resources on Youtube on which there is the Botpress official channel. I think that Botpress is in perpetual update to add new features based on user requests. If you have no code experimentation you can still integrate your Botpress program with ease, and create custom solutions.


What sets Botpress apart is its ability to be fed a custom knowledge base

Its user-friendly interface allowed me to get my chatbot up and running in no time. But what sets Botpress apart is its ability to be fed a custom knowledge base, so it's not just spitting out generic answers but actually providing useful, tailored information. It's like making your chatbot super smart, filled with exactly the kind of info your users need. The flexibility of Botpress is also noteworthy. And the best part it you can integrate it with any platform easily. If you're looking to automate your customer service or any part of your business with AI chatbots, Botpress is worth checking out.

Easily create a chatbot that uses ChatGPT

I'm not a developer. But with Botpress, anyone can easily create a chatbot that uses ChatGPT for free and make it work the way you want. You can make them give you the answers you want based on what you tell them, not just any story on the internet. You can think of it as a hybrid version of the commonly talked about generative AI chatbot and scenario chatbot.

Mindblowing and life-changing.

Botpress is a user-friendly tool that allows someone who has never programmed to develop amazing chatbots. It's a technology that constantly impresses you, integrated with practically all platforms, with an exceptional support team always willing to help. Botpress has changed the course of my professional life and ignited a new passion in me. I'm very grateful for the development of this tool. If you're looking for a chatbot creation tool, don't waste your time elsewhere; Botpress is the right choice! I'm answering my clients quickly and in a standardized manner, and literally creating our own AI for our brand, which sets us apart significantly from market competitors

Botpress has thought of all the features you would want to have available to you as a bot developer

Botpress cloud has pushed boundaries more than any other platform I have used. The features that are available to me are excellent. The way they have incorporated GenAI to support in both generative outputs but also in a co-pilot way to create and execute code is just awesome. Splitting up the GenAI capabilities into Agents, Task Cards, and code execution cards makes it really easy to build with. I love the translator and personality agents. I also love the record and table creation features to store information collected and retrieve it later on. The ability to import/export entire bots and share them with co-workers is another beautiful feature that is not available on other platforms, plus the ability to leave comments on a build so that when you are working on a bot with someone else, you can easily suggest changes or track feedback. The knowledge base functionality is really streamlined. Customer support is excellent. Our CSM is responsive and helpful.

Easy, intuitive, flexible and powerful

Easy, intuitive, flexible and powerful—these are the things I look for from most vendors. While conversational AI is all the rage, I respectfully disagree with the zeitgeist's assertions that the owners of the LLMs like Anthropic, OpenAI and Google will subsume all the smaller bot-building tools like Botpress and its competitors. Not true! While it may have partial truth amongst some of the largest enterprises using conversational AI—especially those building it into their products—it will not be true of the millions of businesses that stand to augment their products and customer engagement with conversational AI. These businesses will smartly pick tools like Botpress to make AI more accessible and practical for their use cases. Botpress helps my businesses—and the businesses they serve—improve customer engagement, internal knowledge bases, internal knowledge bases, lead generation and more.

The premier artificially intelligent open-source platform for all things chatbots

I love the botpress process. Sure in the beginning, it was a learning curve to become efficient with building chatbots that serve different purposes. However, the interface that Botpress provides is far superior than other platforms in the industry. Not only is it user friendly, it provides an unmatched community and most importantly a developer team that provides almost daily tutorials for all bot-builders to use. It has become a major influence in my personal goals and success. I have used VoiceFlow, Stack.Ai, and others...but they do not compare. Botpress is a developers dream. I learn new capabilities every day. It has been so easy to implement & integrate these bots into websites with the provided code embeddings, it has also been very easy to customize triggers with these chatbots. I use these bots daily, as do my clients & their clients. Above all else, the service towards the customers that the Botpress team offers is second to none. Truthfully, I dream of belonging to a team like Botpress. Such a wonderful company and business they have built.

Inspires you to think of many business possibilities

I really like the fact that Botpress is flexible enough to accommodate a lot of potential use cases. They are flexible in a way that if you can imagine it, you probably can set it up. But of course, that being said, there is that learning curve in figuring out what is possible. But I would say at this juncture, many use cases are possible with their current product offerings. I think over time, it may need a bit of effort in terms of for them to actually create a documentation for all those flows. The other aspect I like is that they have an active community on Discord that facilitates the exchange of ideas and also helps newcomers to understand the system and what is the possibility or even for them to actually look for answers themselves. It's a very well set up ecosystem that self-runs by itself and also all the bot ambassadors really helps with facilitating the accumulation of knowledge and also facilitating the discovery of possibilities by new users. I also like the fact that Botpress provides native AI support that really differentiates it from some of the other more traditional chatbot players. Because it is native, there is a lot of possibilities and the system or their product offering will actually grow in accordance to the progression of AI in general and all these AI models in general.

Between the platforms and community Botpress is the standard

On top of the amazing Cloud platform which might I add is free to users with less than 3 bots and less than 1000 chats a month, the community very well is my favorite part of Botpress. The comradery and people working to help new and experienced alike is amazing to see. As someone with very little coding experience the features botpress offers like AI code generation from plain text I can work with the best of them. The support team is always active in the Discord community and extremely friendly to work with. I have experienced a lot of personal growth both from playing with botpress and engaging with the community. Botpress has documentation to make integrations and implementation easier, faster, and have improved results. I use Botpress daily and often create or troubleshoot 3-5 bots a day. I love the Botpress platform, but the real cherry on top for me is the community. I do not require sitting infront of youtube to learn I can do that but if I have snags I have friendly helpful people to work with who enjoy the growth and learning as much as I do.

The best platform for building AI-powered chatbots

For me, the two most brilliant features are: - Endless customization possibilities, meaning that I can create and adjust the workflow exactly how I want it. - Great and intuitive UI design. I really like how cards, nodes and the emulator are easily displayed while building my chatbots. I used other platforms, but Botpress's is the most straightforward to learn and use!

Wonderful experience to build an advance ai chatbot

Botpress interface is so easy to use, it is very straight forward to build bot here. Managing complex tasks in a bot is quite easy by using workflows. Just connect the dots and you are ready to go. I developed my ai chatbot for ecommerce customer service purpose in just 2 days from very scratch. Tutorials on youtube are very friendly. I feel anyone can built interesting bots here. Pricing model is really awesome as a beginner never need to thought about money. Building and testing bot is totally free. Integrations are also very useful, can easily connect to most of the important APIs out there. Really awesome job by Botpress.

One of the best bot hosting services

Botpress makes it very easy to host bots on their cloud servers and they have a lot of integrations with platforms such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Zapier, Zendesk and much more. The botpress studio is very user friendly and easy to use and scale up with for larger bots. Lastly their community and team is very supportive and they provide assistance very quickly.

The best, easy-to-use bot with no complications

I have been using Botpress for a month now, and what I like the most is that you can start without spending a penny. As you need more features, you can upgrade to a paid plan. The ease of visually establishing flows makes it very intuitive. It has a well-elaborated interface and is compatible with most web browsers. You can use it seamlessly for your Shopify site or website, and you just need to train the bot enough to provide increasingly accurate responses. Botpress has helped me improve retention on my site and increase sales, as I can even sell during non-office hours.

Simple yet powerful

I was able to do most of our complex bot with drag and drop cards. I figured out a bit of code needed for a custom filter by using examples from their docs and getting help on the support forum. As a non-programmer I was able to build a rather impressive bot! I have tried to use no-code platforms in the past but they were not able to build the complexity I needed. Botpress has all the no-code tools plus the community support to make this work for someone of my skill level and big ideas.

A user-friendly graphical user interface

I decided to use Botpress as a chatbot development platform for the lab for two main reasons. I wanted a platform where students would be up and running in an hour-long lab without having to code. Botpress is making that possible with a user-friendly graphical user interface. I also wanted a flexible platform that would me to introduce students to the power of large language models. Again, Botpress delivers by allowing developers to add a document to expand the bot's knowledge base, for example.

Plenty of helpful content one needs

I love the support from the botpress team, they are really helpful with any sort of problem or ideas you may have for your chatbot. Integration features are great as well, the ability to deploy the chatbot to various platforms to maximize its functionality for one's business.

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