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Add the blocks that you need to create your conversational experience,
configure them the way you want and add custom Javascript when needed.

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Reusable Workflows

Save Workflows and Reuse Them

Workflows can be saved and become a generic component you reuse in other workflows. This can save you time, but also make your life easier when it comes to maintaining your chatbot. Modify it once and it will update it everywhere.

Screenshot of a saved workflow
Screenshot of a variables


Validate User's Input and Save It for Later

The variables are used to save information you need to later and they allow to validate a user input to a specific prompt. You don't have to code custom validation or anything, you just create a variable and use it.

Emulator and Debugger

Test Your Chatbot and Iterate Quickly

The studio includes the tools you need to test, iterate and debug your chatbot. You can converse with your chatbot and immediately see what it understands, what is the information extracted to course correct your development. This will help you build faster.

Botpress Debugging Interface

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