Meet the first GPT-native
engine that is 6 steps ahead.

Discover the possibilities of generative AI & Large Language Models.
Billions of parameters, one simple tool.


Botpress Knowledge Bases

Knowledge Bases provide the scaffolding to bring your chatbot to life with generative AI. Go from documents and URLs to chatbot in seconds.


GPT-powered Natural Language Understanding

Save massive amounts of time in building your bots with few-shot learning that requires 10x less data than the previous generation without ever compromising on the accuracy.


First-of-its-kind Natural Dialogue Understanding

Leverage the power of large language models to unlock countless possibilities in complex conversation. Understand the relationships and context between messages to move away from linear chatbot design and allow conversational detours.

Hey, how can I help?
I'd like to book a room for two at the Hilton in the SF FiDi
Great, one room at:

750 Kearny Street
San Francisco, California, 94108, USA

Would you like a single or double bed room?
A single bed room would be great. Quick question, is it okay if I bring my dog as well?
Yes that is no problem, your dog is good to go! Would you like to continue with your reservation?

Sentiment Analysis built with GPT

Guide conversations in the right direction by understanding not just what users say, but also how they say it. With 12 sentiment vectors always know how the conversation is going.


Natural Language Generation

The chatbot building companion you always wish you had. Let generative AI anticipate what the next step should be and how to say it.

Reduce your build time with automatic content suggestions that put you in control to harness the power of GPT without worrying about your brand reputation.

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What are some best practices for building a bot with Botpress?
How can I test my Botpress bot before launching it?
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Can you recommend any tutorials for building a bot with Botpress?
What are some recommended tools for building a bot with Botpress?

Bot Persona = Brand Persona

Generate the personality of your chatbot from a description. Have your bot handle user interactions in the same tone & voice of your brand.


Build in one language and get automatic translations to 100+ others instantly.

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