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12 Jan, 2021

AI Chatbots in Insurance | Top Use Cases & Benefits

Discover how insurance companies leverage chatbots to improve customer service, collect data, cut down costs, and acquire new customers.

Chatbot visible on mobile device, at desk with computer and mouse

1 Dec, 2020

Top chatbots in financial services for 2021

Chatbots are crucial for financial companies who wish to carry out their digital transformation and gain a competitive advantage.

23 Nov, 2020

Top Health Chatbots for 2021

Smart algorithm-powered interfaces are multiplying and becoming more widespread across various sectors such as healthcare. Read our top chatbots for 2021

26 Oct, 2020

Chatbot for Banking

There are two main categories of chatbots for banking, internal chatbots (used by employees)

24 Oct, 2020

Chatbots for Government

Governments need chatbots for all the reasons that businesses do. They need chatbots...

27 Aug, 2020

Chatbots for Drones

To stimulate imagination about the possible use case for chatbots, we wanted to brainstorm on some futuristic...

Everything you need to know about restaurant chatbots

27 Aug, 2020

Chatbot for Restaurants

For a long time, there have been predictions of chatbots becoming ubiquitous in restaurants. The two obvious...