What’s Happening at Botpress: November 2021 Recap

Find out all about our November 2021 events, product updates, tips, tools, tricks and tutorials — All in one place.

7 Dec, 2021

Updated 7 Dec, 2021


The Ultimate Chatbot Guide

If you want a detailed guide of everything you should know about chatbots, this is the article to read. It covers the critical capabilities to look for in a chatbot platform, and much more.

Read the article here.

Latest Events

Botpress at the 2021 Conversation Design Institute Festival

CEO of Botpress, Sylvain Perron spoke at the CDI Festival this month. He covered how a managed NLU engine can benefit conversational designers and developers who want to reap the benefits of NLU, but might not have a team of data scientists. Stay tuned, we will be releasing snippets from this talk very soon.

Tutorials, Tips & Tools

We’re creating lots of technical tutorials and how-to’s for our developer community! Check out our videos and blogs, and let us know if you have ideas for other content you’d like to see.

New Video Tutorials on Botpress:

How to Deploy Botpress On-Premise
Growth Developer Daehli Nadeau-Otis shows you how to configure and install botpress on an HTTPS server in this brief tutorial.

Botpress Channel Integration with Vonage | WhatsApp Sandbox
Growth Developer Rohan Kokkula shows you how to integrate a WhatsApp sandbox from Vonage, with Botpress, in this quick 4 minute video.

Latest from the Botpress Blog:

Integrate Twilio with Botpress on a Window environment

We welcome this guest blog from our community member, Danilo Limo! Read his step-by-step tutorial on how to integrate Botpress with Twilio, using Whatsapp.
By Botpress Community
4 min read

Deploying Botpress on AWS

In this tutorial, we show how to set up an instance of Botpress on a domain using proper encryption standards to access the Botpress Admin Panel from anywhere, while allowing users to talk with your chatbots.
By Daehli Nadeau-Otis, Growth Developer
6 min read

Latest News

We're starting a new series!—The People of Botpress

The People of Botpress is a video and blog series where we interview our people and highlight the great work they do by talking about life at Botpress. Get to know our Head of Customer Success and Head of Engineering.👇

The People of Botpress: Nadine Ungerer, Head of Customer Success
"I was given the opportunity to join Botpress back in the early stages. With a startup, you are stepping into something really challenging and really exciting."
-Nadine Ungerer

The People of Botpress: François-Xavier Darveau, Head of Engineering
"My favourite project is the initial NLU. I was brought here to build an NLU engine that works on-premise in low resource environments with very low latency. A big part of it is still running today!"
-François-Xavier Darveau

We’re hiring—Botpress is expanding and we’re looking for more developers, product managers, and go to market team members!

Current openings:

  • Senior Full-Stack Developer
  • Full-Stack Team Lead
  • Head of NLP (Natural Language Processing)
  • Technical Product Owner

Join the team!

Cool Fact of the Month

In an MIT Technology Review survey, nearly 90% of respondents who used chatbots stated that they recorded measurable improvements in the speed of complaint resolution, while over 80% noted an enhancement in call volume processing when using AI!

Read the article here.

That’s everything for November 2021!

The Botpress Team

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