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Botpress vs Dialogflow ES vs Dialogflow CX: A Very Comprehensive Comparison.

Comparing Dialogflow and Botpress is daunting and a time sucker. If you are deciding between the two for you next project, there is one real factor that can force you one way or the other depending on your requirement — Botpress isn’t a SaaS, and Dialogflow is hosted.

For a detailed analysis, read here.

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What Does a Botpress Hackathon Look Like?
For a fast-growing team like ours, hackathons are a great chance to bring employees together who may not regularly collaborate. Take a look inside the 2nd annual Botpress Hackathon.

The People of Botpress: Michael Masson, Site Reliability Developer
Challenging projects is what pushes Michael to do his best work. Find what a regular day in the life of a software engineer looks like for him and why he chose to work at Botpress.

Adding Language to the Botpress NLU
Check out this guide showing you how to add new languages to the Botpress NLU through Botpress' NLU extension service.

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According to Business Insider: "By 2023 chatbots are going to save banking, healthcare and retail sectors up to $11 billion annually."

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Deploying botpress on AWS

In this tutorial, we'll set up an instance of Botpress on a domain using proper encryption standards. You'll be able to access the Botpress Admin Panel from anywhere, and allow chatbot users to talk with your Chatbots. I've purchased the domain learnbotpress.com on Google Domains (you can use any Domain Name Provider), and we'll be hosting Botpress on AWS.

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Chatbot for HR

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