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Send Message

Send Message

You can Send Message using 8 built-in content-types. A Content-Type defines the structure of what the chatbot sends. It also dictates how your chatbot should render the content. It can be as straightforward or as complex as you want. For instance, a content type could be simple text or an image or a carousel. You can add Content by dragging a Content Card over to a Standard Node.

Content Types Description

The text content type denotes a regular text message with optional typing indicators. You can write HTML in the text content on the web channel, and your chatbot will render it correctly. This opens up the possibility of including iFrames and constructing miniature web pages (commonly known as web views) in your content without creating custom components.


To show an image with a title in the chat window, you can use the Image content type. Supported image formats are .tiff, .jpg, .png, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .tif.

Audio Allows you to upload an mp3 audio file. The file will be playable within the chat.
Video The video content type presents a message showing a video file with a title.

Allows you to upload any file that the user can download from the chat. In addition, you can add a title which will appear as a message under the file.


The dropdown displays a list of options to the user. It includes a message to the user, and you can customize the dropdown placeholder text and the text displayed on the selection button.


A card is a message with a title and an optional subtitle. It also contains an image and action buttons. Note that you first need to create the action button separately.


A carousel is an array of cards. This collection of cards can either be presented as a horizontally scrolling slide or a vertical message stack, depending on the channel.


This component carries a message, usually a question, and suggests choices to the user to fulfill the message in the form of buttons.


It generates a message showing a location with an optional address and title. The required parameters to complete this content element are longitude and latitude.