Webchat React Library


When using the react library, the configuration in the dashboard will not be used. You will need to configure the webchat using the React components.

The Webchat React library is a set of React components that makes it easy to embed a webchat in any application or build a more advance version of the actual webchat. It is the building block for the Webchat UI.

Let's start simple, there are 3 main components to get started with the Webchat React library:


The Webchat component is the main component that will render the webchat. It must be wrapped in a WebchatProvider to work.


The useClient hook is a custom hook that will create an instance of the WebchatClient. It requires a clientId prop that is a unique identifier for the client.


The WebchatProvider component is a context provider that will provide the webchat with the necessary configuration. It requires a client prop that is an instance of the WebchatClient. The WebchatProvider must be provided for any Webchat component to work.

Theme & Styles

The WebchatProvider component also accepts a theme prop which is an object that will style the webchat. Read the extending Botpress themes to generate the theme object and stylesheet.

What it looks like

import "./style.css"
import theme from "./theme.json"

import { Webchat, WebchatProvider, useClient } from '@botpress/webchat'

const App = () => {
  const client = useClient({ clientId: '453254325-54325-435-345-345534253' })

  return (
    <WebchatProvider client={client} theme={theme}>
      <Webchat />

Demo Example

This is the simplest way to get started with the Webchat React library. After this, we'll get into more advanced topics like advance components, custom messages components, and more.

Webchat Advance Components

The webchat offers 4 advanced components to help you build a more advanced version of the webchat. These components are:

2. Fab