Builder docs

  1. Build Your Chatbot: Start with creating a basic bot and publishing it to the dashboard.
  2. Explore Features: Discover the diverse range of features available in Botpress.
  3. Admin Dashboard: Know more about configuring your chatbot in the Admin Dashboard.
  4. Knowledge Base: Connect your chatbot to your knowledge by uploading your documents & websites.
  5. Generative AI: Utilize the power of Generative AI to optimize your workflows and enhance productivity.
  6. Studio Interface: Discover the various components of the Botpress Studio Interface and how to use them effectively.
  7. Connect Messaging Channels: Integrate your Botpress chatbot with various messaging channels.
  8. Styler: Customize the appearance of your chatbot using the Botpress Studio Interface.
  9. Studio Keyboard Shortcuts: Use Keyboard Shortcuts in Botpress Studio for increased efficiency.

Advanced docs

  1. Webchat v2: Learn and customize our powerful Webchat client.
  2. Chat API: Talk to your bot via API * webhooks, or build your own front-end client from scratch.
  3. Botpress API: Explore one of our many public APIs for doing anything from analytics, to usage, to bot management.
  4. Getting Started Extend the Botpress bot building experience or add new messaging channels.

What’s Next