Setting up the LINE integration in Botpress

  1. Go to the Integration Hub in Botpress Cloud (if you don't have the integration installed yet).
  2. Find and open the LINE integration then click on the "Install to Bot" button, now go back to your bot settings.

The LINE integration has the following settings:

  • Enabled: Whether Botpress will communicate with LINE
  • Webhook URL: The URL for receiving data in Botpress
  • Channel Access Token: The token used to authenticate the channel
  • Channel Secret: The secret used to verify the signature between LINE and Botpress

Setting up Line

Channel Access Token

To get this token, open the Messaging API tab in your channel settings in LINE, scroll to the bottom to the Channel Access Token section, and then generate a new one or copy it if the Channel access token was already issued, then paste it in Botpress.

For Long-Lived Channel Access Token: read this LINE documentation.

Channel Secret

The Channel Secret is used to verify the signature between LINE and Botpress.

To get the secret, open the Basic settings tab in your channel configuration in LINE, scroll to the bottom to the Channel Secret section, and then copy the secret.

Finalizing Channel Configuration

The next step is to Enable the channel from the top of the screen and copy the webhook URL from the button below the webhook URL. Then click Save.

Now, we proceed to the last step by setting your webhook URL in LINE.

That's it, you may now start chatting with your bot on LINE!

Content Types Mapping

From Botpress to LINE

From LINE to Botpress

  • Text is mapped to Text Object
  • The rest of the types are not currently processed by Botpress