The Chat API is an HTTP-based API that allows you to interact with a Botpress bot through a backend. It is similar to the Webchat API, but it is designed to be used by backend services.

Setup and Configuration

To use the Chat API, you must install the @botpress/chat package. You can do this by running the following command:

npm install @botpress/chat
yarn add @botpress/chat
pnpm install @botpress/chat

You'll need to provide the Webhook URL in the integration configuration where the Chat API will send the messages and events. This URL must be a public URL accessible from the internet.

You can also configure the Webhook Secret to secure the communication between your backend and the Chat API. This secret will be used to make API requests to the Chat API.


You can take a look at the following demo to see how the Chat API works:

Demo Example

Also, the NPM Package has a few examples on how to use the Chat API.