AI Generate Text


The AI Generate Text card is a specific type of AI Task that helps you generate text based on a prompt and a few settings. This is useful for countless different use cases such as:

  • Generating catchy blog titles from a topic or keyword
  • Summarizing long texts or documents in a few sentences
  • Creating articles from bullet points or outlines
  • Writing product descriptions that highlight the features and benefits
  • Crafting creative content such as stories, poems, lyrics, and more!

How to use it

You have a few settings in the AI Generate Text card:

  • Prompt: the text you want to use as a starting point for the AI to generate content, you can use variables here (like {{event.preview}} to get the last user message)
  • Output variable: the variable where the generated text will be stored
  • Advanced settings > Model: the LLM model you want to use to generate the text (the current options are GPT-3 and GPT-4)
  • Advanced settings > Temperature: the higher the temperature, the more creative the text will be
  • Advanced settings > Output length: the length of the generated text in tokens. Check out this article by OpenAI to learn more about LLM tokens.




If you don't like the generated text, you can always try to change the temperature or the output length to see if you get better results.



Use variables in the prompt to make the generated text more dynamic. For example, {{event.preview}} to get the last user message or {{conversation.SummaryAgent.transcript}} to get the history of the conversation and use it as a starting point for the AI.