AI Transition


The AI Transition card is a specific type of AI Task that helps you classify text into a set of predefined categories. This is useful for several different cases such as assessing the user intent without needing to create training phrases, or extracting the main topic of a text.

How to use it

You have three fields in the AI Transition card:

  • Text to categorize: the text input you want to process, you can use variables here (like {{event.preview}} to get the last user message)
  • Categories: the list of categories you want to use to classify the text.
  • Store result in variable (Optional): allows you to select a variable to store the resulting category in. This is useful if you want to use the category later in the conversation.




You can use the AI Transition card to replace Intents entirely. You just need to create a category for each intent you want to replace, and use the AI Transition card instead of adding multiple inline or Library intents.



If you don't want your bot to transition to another node when the category is found, make sure to remove the connections for each category and also save the result in a variable so you can use your own logic.