Secrets can be defined and managed within the integration definition. The secrets property is an array of secret names that are expected to be provided when configuring the integration. These secret names serve as identifiers for the secrets and are used to retrieve their values when needed.

Example - Secrets

import { IntegrationDefinition } from '@botpress/sdk'

export default new IntegrationDefinition({
  // Other integration properties...
  secrets: ['api_key', 'token', 'password'],

In this example, the secrets property is an array that contains three secret names: api_key, token, and password. When configuring the integration, the user will be prompted to provide values for these secrets.

To access the values of the secrets within the integration code, the ctx.secrets object can be used. The ctx.secrets object provides a secure way to retrieve the values of the secrets by their names. Here's an example:

const integration = {
  // ...
  actions: {
    myAction: async (ctx) => {
      const apiKey = ctx.secrets.api_key
      const token = ctx.secrets.token
      const password = ctx.secrets.password

      // Use the secrets in the integration logic...
  // ...