Setting up the Viber integration in Botpress

  1. Go to the Integration Hub in Botpress Cloud (if you don't have the integration installed yet).
  2. Find and open the Viber integration then click on the "Install to Bot" button, now go back to your bot.

The Viber integration has the following settings:

  • Enabled: Whether Botpress will communicate with Viber.
  • Webhook URL: The URL for receiving data in Botpress. (You shall not be using it)
  • Auth Token: The authentication token of your Viber bot.
  • Bot Name: The name of your Viber bot.
  • Bot Avatar URL: The URL of the avatar of your Viber bot.

Setting up Viber

  1. Visit the Viber Admin panel and click on Create a Bot Account.
  2. Fill in the required details. Bot Avatar, Account Name, URI, Category, Subcategory, Language, Account Description, Email Address and Location.
  3. Copy the Authentication Token and paste it in the integration settings page in Botpress.
  4. Add a Bot Name (required) and a Bot Avatar URL (optional).
  5. Click Save.

That's it, you may now start chatting with your bot on Viber!