Bot Templates

Bot templates are pre-configured bot projects that contain predefined conversational flows, Knowledge Bases, and responses.

They serve as a starting point for building bots and can be customized to suit specific use cases. Botpress provides a collection of built-in templates that cover various scenarios, such as Recipe Bot, Recruitment Bot, AI Public Personality Bot, Cinema Booking and much more!

These templates can be used as-is or modified according to the specific requirements of your chatbot.

Benefits of Using Bot Templates

Using bot templates in Botpress offers several advantages:

  • Time-Saving: Bot templates eliminate the need to build conversational flows from scratch, saving development time and effort. Developers can focus on customizing and enhancing the template to match their desired bot behavior.
  • Best Practices: Templates follow industry best practices and design patterns, ensuring that your bot benefits from proven strategies for conversation management.
  • Consistency: Templates provide a consistent user experience by offering a predefined structure and logic that guide the bot's behavior.
  • Flexibility: While templates offer a ready-made starting point, they can be easily customized and extended to meet specific requirements. Developers have full control over the template and can modify it as needed.

Using Bot Templates

  • In Botpress Studio, click on the Botpress icon located at the top-left corner, and select Explore Bot Templates.
  • Choose the template you would like to start with and click on Use Template. If you wish to start your bot building from scratch, you can select the Basic (empty) Bot Template.
  • You can publish the bot to use the template as it is, or customize it to meet your specific requirements. This includes modifying the predefined conversational flows, adding or removing knowledge bases, and updating responses. Botpress provides a visual flow editor that simplifies the customization process, enabling you to define the bot's behavior using a drag-and-drop interface.


Warning: Overriding Template

If you override an existing bot with a bot template, all the previous content and configurations of your bot will be erased and replaced with the new template.

It's important to note that overriding a bot with a template should be done with caution, as it will result in the loss of any existing data and configurations associated with the original bot.