Chatbot Details

Internal Name

This is the internal name of the chatbot in this workspace, to be displayed for administrative purposes only. The end user will never see this name.

If you want to change the name, you can click on the Edit button next to it and enter a new name.


Date when you first created your chatbot. This is helpful to know when you're trying to keep track of how long you've been working on your chatbot or if you need to provide this information to someone else.

Last modified

Date when you last made changes to your chatbot. This can be helpful to keep track of when you last made updates to your chatbot.

Last published

Date when you last published your chatbot. When you publish your chatbot, it means that you're making the latest version of your chatbot available to your users. This is important because if you make changes to your chatbot but don't publish them, your users won't be able to see them. Knowing when you last published your chatbot can help you keep track of how up-to-date your chatbot is.

Delete Chatbot

The Delete Chatbot button allows you to delete your chatbot permanently. This option is useful if you no longer need your chatbot and want to free up space for new chatbots on your workspace.


Delete Chatbot

This action is irreversible, and all data associated with the chatbot will be erased.