Chatbot Resources Usage Metrics

The Usage and Subscriptions tab in the Admin Dashboard provides a view of the computational resources used by all of the chatbots in your Workspace. Having this information is useful to understand the performance of each chatbot in your Workspace and to plan for future growth. The resources are grouped by the following categories:

Incoming Messages & Events

The Incoming Messages & Events section shows the number of times the chatbot has been invoked in any channel and the maximum amount of times it can be invoked before it will stop responding. It counts new conversations, conversations resumed after a Timeout, and conversations started by Triggers.

File Storage

The File Storage section shows the amount of storage in Megabytes (MB) used across your Workspace, as well as the maximum storage limit. Files included in this storage include photos, videos, and audio files that you've uploaded to be sent by your chatbot.

Table Row Count

The Table Row Count section shows the number of rows in the bot's tables and the limit. It accounts for total the number of rows in all of your chatbot Tables.

Knowledgebase Vector Count

The Knowledgebase Vector Count section shows the number of vectors in the chatbot's Knowledgebase and the limit. It accounts for the total number of vectors (condensed pieces of your content) in all of your Knowledgebase documents as well as searchable columns in your tables.