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Chatbot Personality

Shortcuts Chatbot personality

Steps for Customizing your Chatbot's Personality

  1. Open Botpress Studio and click on the Botpress Icon located at the top-left corner.

  2. Select Chatbot Settings from the dropdown menu.

  3. Enable Personality Rewrite and add a description of the personality you want your bot to embody.

  4. Specify the tone you want your chatbot to convey, for example, "friendly but professional".

  5. Decide how often you want to use emojis, if at all.

  6. Consider the context in which the bot will be used and adjust the personality accordingly. For example, if the bot is for a tech startup, the personality might be dynamic and forward-thinking.

  7. Test the bot's personality to ensure it aligns with your brand and effectively engages with users.