Botpress Cloud: Messaging Channels

Microsoft Teams

Messaging channels


Configure Microsoft Account

Your Microsoft Account should have access to Azure and Teams. You can check out the Azure and Teams documentation for information on how to make these connections

Channel Configuration

Register App

  1. In the Azure portal, open the App registrations page
  2. Click New registration, then choose a name for your application
  3. In the section Supported account types, choose Accounts in any organizational directory and personal Microsoft accounts, then click Register
  4. Copy paste the value of Application (client) ID to the App Id channel configuration

App Password

  1. Click Certificates & secrets, then click New client secret, then fill in the required fields
  2. Copy paste the the value in the Value column to the App Secret channel configuration

Save Configuration

Channel configuration is complete, you can now click Save

Create Your Bot

  1. Navigate to the Bot Framework Registration Page
  2. Fill the Display name and Bot handle fields with whatever value
  3. Copy paste you App Id to the app id field
  4. Copy paste the webhook url provided in the channel configuration UI to the Messaging endpoint field
  5. Click Register
  6. On the next page (Connect to channels), under the section, Add a featured channel, click Configure Microsoft Teams Channel, then click Save

Sharing bot with teammates

In order to ensure privacy and controlled access to the bot, it has been implemented such that users cannot see the bot unless provided with the bot embed code link.

Once users click on the provided link, the bot's display will appear in Teams, and it will function seamlessly thereafter. This approach guarantees that only authorized individuals can interact with the bot, maintaining a secure and controlled environment.


Please ensure that the bot embed code link is shared with the intended users to enable their access to the bot within Teams.