Botpress Cloud: Messaging Channels

Sunshine Conversations

Messaging channels


You will need a Smooch app with a channel configured before connecting Smooch to Botpress

Smooch App

  1. On the Smooch home page, click on Create new app.
  2. Enter a name for your app and click Create App
  3. Connect a channel to your app (Telegram, WhatsApp, or any other listed channel)
  4. You should see a channel in the Overview section of your app


App Id

The smooch channel needs the app id to identify the smooch app when making API calls

  1. Go to the Settings section of your app
  2. You should see an App Id section if you scroll down. Copy paste this value to the App Id channel configuration

Key Id and Key Secret

The key id and secret are needed to authenticate API calls to Smooch

  1. At the bottom of to the Settings section of your app, click Generate API key
  2. Copy paste the id (the one that starts with app_) in the Key Id channel configuration
  3. Copy paste the secret in the Key Secret configuration

Webhook Secret

The webhook secret is needed to validate webhooks requests. You get a webhook secret for each webhook integration you create

  1. Go to the Integration section of your app
  2. In the API & Webhooks section, click on Webhooks
  3. Click Connect, then Create a webhook
  4. Copy paste the webhook url provided in the UI
  5. Select v2 as your webhook version
  6. Select Conversation message and Postbacks in the basic triggers
  7. Click Create Webhook. You will see the webhook you created in the table, and the secret in the last column
  8. Copy paste the webhook secret in the Webhook Secret channel configuration

Save Configuration

Channel configuration is complete, you can now click Save