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Content - Text

The Text content is one of the most important piece of content that you will use. Those are the textual sentences that your chatbot sends to your user.

Text Example


HTML in the text content is rendered correctly on the web channel. You can include iFrames and construct miniature web pages (or web views) in your content without creating custom components.

Add a Text in a Node

  1. In the Flow Editor, click the node where you want to add your text.
  2. Choose where to put your text: On Enter, On Receive, or Transitions.
  3. Click the + button.
  4. Under Message, click the box.
    1. In the Pick Content dialog, under Search In, select Text.
    2. You can either:
      • Select an existing text in the list.

        This will bring you directly to step 5.

      • Type a new text in the Search Text bar.
    3. Click Create new Text.
    4. A new window will be displayed where you can modify the following options:
    5. Click Submit.
  5. Click Add Action (Alt+Enter).


When adding a Text content, you can modify some options:


When hovering a box where you can type, the </> symbol appears. This button helps you easily insert variables within your message. When you click it, it shows a list of variables that you can use such as temp., user., session., or event..


Alternates are different sentences that mean exactly the same as the original text. Those will be sent randomly to your users.

Adding alternates is easy. You just have to click Add Alternates and you will be able to write as many alternates as you want in the boxes.

You can use the trash icon to delete your alternate(s) whenever you want.

Best Practice

Adding alternates is recommended since it makes your chatbot more user-friendly. The more alternates you have, the more your chatbot looks "human".

Use Markdown

The radio button is checked by default. You can uncheck it.

You can use markdown, which is a markup syntax that allows you to easily add formatting and style to your text.

Best Practice

Ensure that the target channel can render this text.

Show Typing Indicators

The radio button is checked by default. You can uncheck it.

When your user is chatting with the chatbot, they will see the icon Type Indicators (a bubble with three moving dots) while the chatbot is "typing" before receiving an answer.