Deploy OpenAI Assistants

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November 14, 2023

This template makes it easy to deploy your OpenAI Assistants across channels like websites or WhatsApp. In just a few clicks you can quickly add your custom GPTs to your digital platforms.


Download the template for free and connect your OpenAI Assistants to your website and other channels.

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How to use this template

1. Click on Download this template
Create or log into your Botpress account. Click on 'Create Chatbot' > 'Learn Botpress' > 'Use Template'
3. Once you're in the Studio, click on the Botpress logo in the top left corner > 'Import/Export' > 'Import from file' > 'Select bot archive to upload'
4. Select the bot template (.bpz file) you downloaded in Step 1
5. Follow the instructions on the bot template to publish & use the bot!

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