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October 31, 2023

The AI Course Companion is your ultimate academic organizer and assistant available at your fingertips. By allowing you to upload your course notes and syllabus, it ensures that you stay systematically organized throughout your academic journey.


No more rummaging through papers or scanning endless documents; simply ask questions like "When is the final exam?" or "How much is it worth?" and get instant answers. But that's not all.


Test your comprehension and knowledge by posing questions based on the documents and class notes you've uploaded. The bot swiftly retrieves accurate answers, ensuring you're always in the know and prepared. Streamline your studies, boost your preparation, and never miss a detail again with the AI Course Companion.


Ready to elevate your academic organization? Download the AI Course Companion template and use it throughout the semester to never miss a deadline and confidently self-quiz on your notes!

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How to use this template

1. Click on Download this template
Create or log into your Botpress account. Click on 'Create Chatbot' > 'Learn Botpress' > 'Use Template'
3. Once you're in the Studio, click on the Botpress logo in the top left corner > 'Import/Export' > 'Import from file' > 'Select bot archive to upload'
4. Select the bot template (.bpz file) you downloaded in Step 1
5. Follow the instructions on the bot template to publish & use the bot!

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