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Botpress seamlessly connects your ChatGPT bot with Zoom. Incorporate Zoom as part of your chatbot's workflow automation and connect with hundreds of other applications.

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Enhance your team's communication by integrating your ChatGPT bot with Zoom. Facilitate better virtual meetings and streamline discussions with the help of intelligent chatbots within your organization's communication hub, making your remote collaborations more effective and efficient. Team Leaders can utilize a ChatGPT bot on Zoom to automate meeting reminders, share agendas, and help manage follow-up tasks. This improves meeting productivity and team collaboration. HR Professionals can employ a ChatGPT bot for scheduling interviews, onboarding sessions, and handling routine HR inquiries during meetings. This ensures a smoother hiring and onboarding process. For IT Administrators, a ChatGPT bot can offer real-time IT support during Zoom calls, assist in troubleshooting, and provide useful tips to users, improving the overall meeting experience.

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