Developing your own chatbot can be an extremely expensive and time-consuming task without the proper tools and knowledge to support the endeavour. That’s why having a platform that abstracts away some of the complexities of developing a chatbot from scratch can come in handy for your organization.

In this blog post, we’re going to discuss what Botpress is and how it enables developers to make a chatbot in a fraction of the time they would when building from scratch.

What is Botpress

At its core, Botpress is a tool to simplify the process of building chatbots for developers. The platform puts together the boilerplate code and infrastructure you need to get a chatbot up and running and gives a complete dev-friendly platform that ships with all the tools you need to build, deploy and manage production-grade chatbots in record time. The platform includes:

  • Built-in Natural Language Processing tasks such as intent recognition, spell checking, entity extraction, and slot tagging (and many others)
  • A visual conversation studio to design multi-turn conversations and workflows
  • An emulator & a debugger to simulate conversations and debug your chatbot
  • Support for popular messaging channels like Slack, Telegram, MS Teams, Facebook Messenger, and an embeddable web chat
  • An SDK and code editor to extend the capabilities
  • Post-deployment tools like chatbot analytics dashboards, human handoff and more

Botpress vs. Competition

Botpress has many advantages over other platforms and frameworks:

  • It is cloud-agnostic; therefore, you can run it on the cloud platform or the on-premise infrastructure of your choice, giving you full control over your data privacy.
  • The core of Botpress is an open-source chatbot software with thousands of GitHub contributors and stargazers and a thriving community forum.
  • The platform offers a solid developer experience by being remarkably flexible, easy to use, and fast. We offer support for multiple languages, including French, Arabic, Spanish, and over 100 more languages.
  • No vendor lock-in

Most importantly, our platform has proven to deliver a better conversational experience to end-users

Getting Started with Botpress

Getting started with Botpress is easy. We build and distribute binaries of the latest stable version to our Github repositories.


First things first, download the latest stable binaries which are available here or click below. Alternatively, you may find all the versions and nightly builds in our public S3 Bucket.

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