Solution built for speed of execution

We carefully considered what the best solution for conversational AI would look like – and then built it. A productive studio combined with a flexible modular architecture powered by our SDK.
Start building chatbots in less than a minute.

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Conversation Flow Manager

Manage, update and extend how a chatbot’s conversation should progress based on user inputs.

Third party integrations

Botpress features connectors to all the major chat platforms that you’d expect. See supported platforms.

Multiple language engines

Use the natural language understanding solution that best suit you—no need to be tied to one option.

Content & flow separation

Content and flow management are decoupled to allow management by different teams.


Assess user engagement with your chatbots, identify successes to build on, and spot failures to correct.

Human in the loop

Botpress allows human agents to take over the conversation when it moves beyond the chatbot's capabilities.

Modular design

Assemble your chatbot from our collection of specialized, open-source modules. You can also build your own module.

Graphical interface

You shouldn’t have to choose between CLI or GUI. Every feature is available as an API and as a rich graphical interface.


Easily build more components for chatbots, and add to the growing pool of common features that are available to developers.

in one

Botpress is not competing with other tools. It’s a modular platform that integrates with other popular tools and frameworks easily.