The Best Environment for Building Chatbots

Managed NLU Engine

The best models to turn natural language into structured data - better accuracy with a fraction of the training data. Machine learning or data science expertise not required!

Conversational Studio

A visual interface allowing you to design conversation flow and workflow automations.

Contextual FAQ/Q&A Functionality

Create, manage, and centrally access the most frequently asked questions the users may have.

Multiple Language Support

One-click implementation for 12 languages - including French, Portuguese, and Arabic. Support for 157 more languages.

Content Management System

Explicit separation of chatbot content from converstion flow, making that content easy to update.


Dashboards and tools to give you a clear understanding of user engagement and chatbot accuracy

Javascript Code Editor

Easily integrate chatbots with existing systems, using the JS code editor - actions & hooks, libraries.

Build without friction

Get started with the full force of our platform.

Extensive Availability, Scalability, and Performance

Horizontal scaling to support growing chatbot usage. Monitoring & alerting to manage deployed chatbots.

Multi-language, Single Bot

Language-switching support, within a single bot-to-user conversation. Detect user's chosen language and respond in kind.


Real-time collaborative interface, with workspaces to organize both chatbots and developer work.

Flexibility for the Professional Developer

Flexible Deployment

Deploy on-prem or VPC. Secure, private, & cloud platform agnostic.

Full Platform or Headless NLU

Components available as needed - complete chatbot building platform to headless NLU engine.

First Class Security

Secure chatbot development: extensive encryption, audit logs, login configurations.

APIs & Programmatic Access

Programmatic access to all Botpress core functions and installed modules.

Multi-channel Availability

Connect your bots easily to all major messaging channels, including Botpress Webchat.

3rd-Party NLU Support

Incorporate other NLU technologies into your Botpress chatbot - Google Dialogflow, Rasa, custom connections.

Testing, debugging and logging

End to end conversation emulation & testing, NLU tracing & testing, Debug streaming logs.

Enterprise-ready Integrations for Automation

Flexible integration with UIPath for RPA included. Botpress Enterprise integrations with Zendesk & Salesforce.

Enterprise-Ready Features, Security & Support

Enterprise-level Security


Additional authentication and privacy features available to chatbot users.

Enterprise-grade Support


Standard & premium options, SLAs, advanced technical support.

For a comparative list of the different Botpress plans, visit the Pricing Comparison

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