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If you’ve developed a chatbot and put it into production, you know that deployment is a complicated and critical stage. It’s where you bring all your hard work and vision to life and finally get it into the hands of your users. Unfortunately, deployment can be time-consuming to set up and maintain.

In fact, Botpress users tell us that a typical, homegrown local chatbot deployment takes a minimum of 10-12 hours to complete.

Botpress Cloud addresses this pain point. Starting in public beta today, this new service from Botpress will make chatbot deployment as simple as a single click.

Built for the Modern Chatbot Developer

Using Botpress Cloud, developers can deploy the Botpress Open Source runtime module directly to a Botpress-hosted, multi-tenant cloud instance. This one-click feature makes it easy for developers to get their chatbot into production, quickly and without the hassle of deployment, infrastructure, and maintenance. As always, because the Botpress chatbot platform is open source, developers can customize it as needed, without worrying about vendor lock-in.

With Botpress Cloud’s one-click approach you can:

  • Test your chatbots in the cloud in a matter of minutes.
  • Connect to all leading channels with just a few clicks — including Slack, Telegram, Teams, Twillio, SunCo, and the web.
  • Deploy your customer-ready chatbots in under 5 minutes.

Join the Botpress Cloud Beta — It’s Free!

Botpress Cloud is in public beta now, and the cloud usage during this beta is completely free!

Ready to get started? Detailed instructions on how to get started with Botpress Cloud are available on our website and in the Botpress documentation.

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