Customer Service

By Botpress

The most important type of bots and templates available on Botpress are customer service related bots.

Customer service chatbots are a class of chatbots that automatically respond to questions and instructions from the end customer that are written (or spoken) in natural language (in part because the end customer expects a human agent to respond if the bot can’t).

In their simplest form they are frequently asked question bots which can answer frequently asked simple questions such as questions about opening times and location.

At Botpress however we are interested in more sophisticated and powerful customer service bots that are more useful to the customers and the human agents, and can potentially offer services that are beyond the scope of services currently feasibly offered by human agents. For example, these bots can:

  • Facilitate simple tasks like booking appointments, capturing contact information or making a purchase using graphical interfaces where appropriate. This could take the form of a sales bot that qualifies and captures leads on a website.
  • Use custom logic to create unique workflows or experiences, such as helping someone who has inquired about their cable subscription package to make an amendment to or purchase a new package.
  • Access and use information from the company’s internal systems in the provision. services and experiences. This could be part of a dynamic order enquiry system for example that could link the customer with data about the delivery truck.
Why is customer service by far the most popular use case for bots?
  • The benefits of using a customer service bot, such as cost savings in reducing the number of human agents needed to answer queries and allowing human agents to focus on the most difficult, high value tasks, are obvious. Companies can easily measure the costs and outcomes and therefore calculate the ROI of implementing a bot.
  • The conversion rates for software development houses and developers on selling customer service chatbots are extremely high.

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