Artificial Intelligence is no longer a thing of the future – it’s here and it’s now. From the virtual assistants that are offered on your smartphones to the customer service agents that are now answering all of your questions online. But while artificial intelligence is often used for information and business purposes, we can also have a little bit of fun with it too.

Whether you’re bored and want to play a game with Alexa, or want to invest more time into creating your own idealized virtual partner, you can now do just that. Chatbots can perform tasks on their own: want to make a reservation at a restaurant or order online while you’re playing a video game? Want to have a conversation? Want to add an event on your calendar? The chatbot will do it for you.

The Use of Chatbots in Gaming Platforms

Though it’s taken us a while to get there, we’re now starting to see a huge integration of chatbots in our gaming platforms and messaging apps. While there was a point in time that you had to exit your game or app to do other things, chatbots are now letting you do it right within your game.

Feeling hungry? No problem! Just ask your chatbot assistant to order you a pizza while you continue gaming. Wondering what’s playing at the theater tonight but don’t want to interrupt your game? You don’t have to! Just ask your own virtual assistant right there in the game, and they’ll tell you everything you want to know about movies and showtimes.

Another way that gaming platforms are using virtual assistants and chatbots is for player support.

Chatbot Technology Offers Support for Gamers

The vast majority of chatbots are used to provide support to users, such as customer support. This applies to the online gaming industry too.

Chatbots are a great solution to provide customer service for gaming companies because they are available 24/7, automate service at a low cost and operate at a very high speed. This is ideal to satisfy the gaming community’s high standards.

Many mobile game developers focus on product quality, rather than the service offered to users, which is why a lot of games have self-service channels. Chatbots are ideal to bridge the gap between human support and automated support because they can give support to gamers day and night, speed up resolution time and greatly reduce support costs for gaming companies. Users simply have to inform chatbots when an issue arises and the bot can start automating processes to fix the issue. In order to be effective, chatbots must be game specific and have excellent natural language processing capacities. In-game support allows gamers to organize and communicate efficiently while playing

FAQ: Another Great Alternative to In-Game Support

A FAQ chatbotis a software app that answers the most frequently asked questions users have. These bots provide support to your customers and provide added value to the user experience. They are useful as they provide answers and direct your users to the right web pages. Plus, they are available 24/7.

Companies that are not able to offer immediate in-game bot support can turn to FAQ chatbots. FAQ chatbots are an excellent alternative solution for gaming platforms as they offer valuable and helpful information to users.

Messaging apps

As of today, gaming chatbots have been implemented in different messaging apps and services such as Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, Discord and other platforms.

By implementing chatbots within messaging apps, companies make their apps much more versatile and useful to users because they can now use them to do much more than just message people. Indeed, they can play video games, buy movie tickets and perform other tasks directly within the messaging app.

This is attractive to users as it adds value to their gaming experience. They can multitask and benefit from a social environment, all while playing their favourite game.

AI Chatbot Games

Of course, chatbots aren’t just being utilized in our games, in some cases, they actually are our games! We talked about the power of the Akinator in one of our previous blog posts, but let’s refresh your memory. The Akinator is one of the most primitive types of chatbot games, but is still extremely entertaining. All you have to do is download the app, think of a character, answer some questions and the Akinator will accurately guess who you are thinking of – real or fictional.

It really is quite impressive – and fun. We encourage you to give it a try for yourself. Then, try some of these other chatbot games that are now available:

1) Replika

Ever thought about what it would be like to have a mini-version of yourself walking around? Well, technology hasn’t gotten to the “walking around” part yet but you can, in fact, create a mini version of yourself. Known as the “mini me” chatbot, Replika records your daily conversations and experiences to learn about you so that it can eventually mimic your personality. The more you interact with the bot, the more it becomes just like you.

2) Mydol

This is the Chabot app that allows you to “talk” to your favorite celebrity. Of course, you aren’t talking to the real celebrity, you’re talking to a chatbot posing as your favorite celebrity, but the idea is still the same. With this “fandom” app, you can receive messages from your favorite “celebrities” throughout the day, each one doting on how amazing you really are.

3) Wysa

Wysa isn’t technically a “game”, but it is a type of chatbot app that functions all on its own. Wysa is all about psychological wellness. Though it’s not a registered therapist, it can help you to develop self-help techniques to deal with things like stress, depression, and anxiety. Just tell the bot how you are feeling and it will respond with helpful advice.

Games in Chatbots

Don’t feel like downloading an entire app to interact with a chatbot? That’s okay, because many chatbots are now incorporating games within them. All you have to do is say, “Alexa let’s play a game”, and your boredom is cured. But what types of games can Alexa, Google, Siri, and other chatbots play?

  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Paper, Scissors, Rock
  • Blackjack
  • Millionaire Quiz
  • Deal or No Deal
  • 21 Questions
  • Jeopardy
  • Heads up
  • Would you rather

And the list goes on and on.

Improve the Gaming Experience with Data

Chatbots gather insights from conversations and collect data from game players. You can use this information to your advantage in order to improve the quality of your game and user experience.

Chatbots will help you detect frequently asked questions, bugs, and areas that need to be improved in order to meet your customers’ expectations. By improving your product, you will be able to boost gamer engagement while simultaneously providing better customer service at a lower cost thanks to your chatbot.

In conclusion, we are currently living in a world where Artificial Intelligence is no longer a thing of the future. And as we see chatbots and AI grow in popularity, it’s not just businesses that can benefit – we can also use it to have a little bit of fun! Whether you are bored and want to play a game of Jeopardy, or want to create an entire mini-me version of yourself, AI is now allowing us to do just that.

In conclusion, we are currently living in a world where Artificial Intelligence is no longer a thing of the future. And as we see chatbots and AI grow in popularity, it’s not just businesses that can benefit – we can also use it to have a little bit of fun! Whether you are bored and want to play a game of Jeopardy, or want to create an entire mini-me version of yourself, AI is now allowing us to do just that.

Need a chatbot for your Gaming Platform?

Chatbots will influence the future of online businesses in many ways. If you want to take part in the revolution and enhance your customer experience, Botpress can help you. Botpress is a dual-license open source bot development platform that allows developers to create bots. It’s very similar to WordPress.

If you want to learn more information about chatbots or if you want to develop a personalized chatbot for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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