Botpress for Developers

Building conversational assistant with a low-code platform allows you to move faster while keeping that coding flexibility you love. No UI to code, just the practical stuff.


Because you accomplish so much more when you have fun doing side projects or full-time work.


We make the process of building chatbots with Botpress so easy that you don’t ask yourself twice.


You will look back at the day you spent building and be amazed by everything you have accomplished.

Our Features

Build Conversational AI Faster Than Any Other Platform

Download Botpress binary on your computer and fire up the terminal. You can cd into the folder and dot-slash-bp (./bp) to start Botpress Server. In less than a minute, you’re up and running, and ready to build your conversational assistant.

Botpress NLU transforms the user input into structured data. The structured data in JSON format is actionnable for automation in a self-service context or can be used for primed delegation for a customer support team.

Botpress is an easy solution to deploy on the cloud provider of your choice or even on-premise. We have a one-click deployment on Digital Ocean, but you can use Heroku, AWS or any other provider.

Free. Open-Source. Runs Anywhere.

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We're proud to be considered the de-facto standard platform for conversational AI by our community of developers.

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