ASISPO uses AI chatbots to deliver a better patient journey

ASISPO uses AI chatbots to deliver a better patient journey
Key Results
70% adoption rate
Achieved substantial usage across target demographics.
Integration with data sources
Botpress supports ingesting data from multiple sources to enhance user experience.
95% containment rate
Effectively managed the majority of interactions within the system without needing external input.
Contextualized patient experience
Tailored interactions based on patient data and previous interactions.
92% patient satisfaction rate
Based on patient feedback collected through surveys and direct responses.

Using AI agents to improve patient care

ASISPO is an AI-powered patient management platform that ensures that patients have the pre and post operative attention and support they need.

Designed by a team of medical professionals as well as AI developers, ASISPO gives doctors the ability to drastically extend the reach of their care, without sacrificing their valuable time, or the invaluable personal connection between doctor and patient.

Using a conversational AI app, powered by Botpress, ASISPO is able to improve the quality of care for patients and manage their entire patient journey, pre and post surgery, through a personalized chatbot experience.

Setting the scene

When we think of the type of care that surgeons, doctors, and medical staff provide to their patients, we often focus on the day-of care. Whether that’s a surgery, treatment, or other appointment, it’s easy to think patient care begins and ends on the day of the appointment.

In reality, pre and post operative care is absolutely essential to the patient’s quality of experience as well as their recovery time. But it’s difficult for doctors to follow up with patients at scale while navigating around busy schedules and playing phone-tag with patients. That’s the exact problem that ASISPO is built to solve.

When ASISPO went looking for a chatbot platform to power a digital assistant for surgeons, doctors and other medical providers, they turned to Botpress. Knowing that the quality of conversation was essential to developing and maintaining patient trust, ASISPO leveraged the Botpress platform to build a chatbot that was fit for the level of care patients expect from their providers.

Improving patient journeys pre and post surgery

ASISPO acts as equal parts CRM and chatbot. When a patient is scheduled for care in the ASISPO application, a provider can create a record for that patient, ensuring that pre and post operative messages will be sent to the patient at the right time.

This simple act of scheduling asynchronous communication over messaging saves doctors a tremendous amount of time and allows them to focus more on the care they give to their patients.
Prior to ASISPO, one doctor reported spending six to eight hours per week connecting with their patients. Out of 600 patients over eight months, only 10 required an over-the-phone follow up with that doctor.

Using ASISPO, powered by Botpress’ chatbot platform, those doctors are able to be more literally and figuratively prescriptive with their time, intelligently managing pre-surgery and followup at scale. Upon receiving the first message, patients authenticate themselves using their birthdate. From there, they follow a pre-surgery medical background check.After the surgery, the chatbot uses natural language understanding (NLU) to understand any pain the patient might be experiencing or any questions they might have about their treatment. The patient is also sent a satisfaction survey at the end of their session.

Why Botpress?

Botpress is not only able to power the chat capabilities of ASISPO, it also can extract intention from the messages to give doctors a better contextual representation of the conversation or escalate a conversation from a chatbot to a medical provider.

Additionally, Botpress can extract and pass along entities such as a type of pain the patient is experiencing, and going back to work or the gym type of inquiries. These types of powerful capabilities gave ASISPO the confidence to build on the Botpress platform and continually raise the bar for patient experience.

ASISPO has designed its chatbot to personalize the conversation to the type of client it serves. Based on age, date, medications, and type of surgery, the bot communicates accordingly. Botpress makes it easy for ASISPO to create custom made training data from real patients’ SMS, emails, and phone calls and use custom APIs with Botpress to personalize the conversations.

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